Technology Forest

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At Technology Forest, around 12 acres of land have been transformed into laboratories for drug discovery and development, and life science companies. In 2021, Renfrow & Co. began a relationship with SWA Landscape Architects starting with budgeting and design consulting for furniture items and the entire project scope at Technology Forest. Design assistance was needed to turn early plans and conceptual drawings into final construction documents. After a year of bidding, we arrived at a final plan that the entire team of collaborators were excited about. From there, fabrication began.

Over 1,000 linear feet of stainless steel handrails were illuminated with integrated LED lighting. 

44,000 pounds of cypress timber was turned into beautiful benches and installed onto custom metal brackets. The size of the material and the short time frame left to complete installation made this the largest and most impressive bench project our team has completed. 

Tiered, modular, laser-cut, and formed aluminum planters are accents to the courtyard and provide a new way to house plants and provide a scenic space for those working in the surrounding laboratories. From original renderings to the installation, our team used creativity to make one-of-a-kind planters that fit perfectly like puzzle pieces into the rest of the landscape. Installation required strategic handling by navigating slopes, courtyards, and the plaza to safely install all of the puzzle pieces of the final product.

The elevated pathways and landings are made of architecturally finished, galvanized, grated panels. All finishes were sandblasted and painted to match using high-performance coatings. 

Lead times can often make a project stressful, and completing the project within the allotted time is not always easy. Our team was adaptable and overcame major onsite modifications due to time constraints. Our field team worked hard to move and flex with multiple trades on site and protect decorative pieces while many other aspects were being moved in and out of the job site. While we are known for metalwork and woodworking, the breadth of expertise to handle furniture, planters, railings, and the lighting of a full electrical package in-house is something we are so excited to debut!

Who: SWA Landscape Architects, Gensler, DPR Construction, Ruppert Landscape

What: Furniture, Benches, Railings, Planters, Lighting

Where: The Woodlands, TX

How: Design Build, Design Consulting, Fabrication, Installation

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