St. Johns Encampment Commons

While creating a design for a new pavilion for Highland to be featured at Austin Community College, Harvey Builders recommended Renfrow+Co to be the fabricator on the project. To win the spot, our team interviewed with Austin Community College, Agenda Architecture, and Harvey Builders to see if we would be a good fit. Based on our fervor, ingenuity, and innovative installation concepts, we were chosen to collaborate on the project. Guided by the artistic vision developed by 3D Structural Designer & Detailer, Richard Hood, as well as the collective input of the architects who partnered on the project, our team began translating the pavilion concept into a real-life structure.

The pavilion was made up of 150,000 pounds of meticulously forged structural steel; its distinctive character was further enhanced by custom louvers, sourced directly from a mill, and a white paint finish. Once each piece of the pavilion was fabricated, the challenge of transporting items from our Houston headquarters to Austin began. Our team utilized a strategy that had initially captured our collaborators’ attention: the use of a police escort to transport five partially constructed pieces of the pavilion to Austin, and complete installation once everything arrived. Every piece of the structure was angled and curved, making this the largest, tallest, and most ambitious pavilion project our team had ever completed. Due to the unprecedented scale and short timeline, the entire Renfrow+Co team paused their current tasks to contribute their collective expertise to ensure every phase passed the engineer’s safety inspection. We are unbelievably proud of our team for knocking the largest project we have completed out of the park.

Who: Agenda Architecture, Austin Community College, Highland, Red Leaf, Harvey Builders, Danie Woodroffe Group, WGI
What: Pavilions & Structures
Where: Austin Community College | Austin, TX
How: Fabrication, Installation


River Oaks Baptist School (ROBS) is a Christian, co-educational day school located in Houston. Classes are available to students in preschool through middle school. Founded as a mission of a small Baptist church in the heart of Houston, ROBS’ Christian identity is a cornerstone of its academic philosophy. Ruppert Landscape asked us to fabricate a very large, wall-mounted Accoya wood cross to adorn the property. Accoya wood was selected as the medium due to its resistance to rot and durability, two important qualities needed to endure the tough Houston climate. Our team had the expertise needed to successfully pull off a woodwork project of this size, which resulted in a very happy client and a beautiful cross that will last for some time to come.

Who: W.S. Bellows Construction, Ruppert Landscape
What: Large Wood Structure
Where: River Oaks Baptist School | Houston, TX
How: Fabrication, Installation