In 2022, our long-term partner and collaborator SWA Group Houston made the move to The Great Jones Building, a beautiful historic building in downtown Houston. This move kicked off an exciting process of transforming the building’s accompanying amenity deck into a stunning outdoor space for employees and building tenets alike to enjoy. To bring the group of talented landscape architects’ vision to life, Harvey Cleary Builders enlisted the expertise of Renfrow+Co; we collaborated to devise a custom modular planter system meticulously tailored to integrate into the amenity deck layout. Before the transformation could begin, our survey team measured and verified all pertinent dimensions, including the unique challenge of the deck’s sloping layout. We also factored in provisions for future lighting, plumbing, and irrigation. Once the detailed plan was solidified, the magic of fabrication and installation began.

Constructed from plasma-cut carbon steel, extensive lengths of metal were assembled, creating a complex puzzle that formed a structural framework for the new deck. Integrated Thermory Ash benches added a distinctive touch while providing seating for SWA team members. Installing these hefty modules correctly within the tight corners of the space required crane installation; our team’s precision during this process ensured each piece safely found its rightful place.

The result is a breathtaking space that offers SWA’s team an outdoor oasis with views of the city of Houston.

Who: SWA Group, Keyscape Landscaping, Harvey Cleary Builders
What: Planters
Where: The Jones on Main, Houston TX
How: Pre-Construction Planning and Budgeting, Fabrication, Installation


JPMorgan Chase Tower is a feat of architectural design, and is the tallest building in Texas! Despite its fame and storied history, the building was in need of extensive repair and redesign. Renfrow was brought in to fabricate two beautiful outdoor structures, illuminated stainless steel railings, and unique heavy duty vent hoods for an interior kitchen.

Due to the 100-120 hour winds that tunnel in between the downtown Houston cityscape, the outdoor structures were built with composite wood imported from Italy, which is able to withstand Category 3 Hurricane conditions. Despite complications in demolition, small work spaces, and coordinating the delivery of imported materials, the project resulted in a beautiful landscaping redesign that brought new life to the building. Just like the structures we crafted, rain or shine, we will get the job done.

Who: Hines, HOK, O’Donnell Snider
What: Outdoor Structures, Vent Hoods, Railings
Where: 600 Travis | Houston, TX
How: Design Build, Fabrication, Installation


One of our larger scale projects in 2021, The Ion Houston was built in collaboration with highly-regarded general contractor Gilbane Building Company. Gilbane requires meticulous standards from its partners, and this project was no exception. On any given day, more than a thousand construction workers were on site grinding to finish by the deadline. Our team kept working through the infamous Houston freeze of February 21; our dedication did not go unnoticed by Gilbane.

Our team provided massive carbon steel, Tnemec painted structures that are unique to the building and any project Renfrow had done previously. Each beam that made up the decorative outdoor structure was 2.5 inches of solid steel, meaning just one foot of material weighed in at 90 pounds! Inside the building, a ceiling of 936 wood boards was jigsawed together to create a visually stunning piece of artwork spanning the length of the space.

From massive parts of the project down to the smaller details, like the Corten steel outdoor planters, we provided the expertise and precision needed to complete the Ion Houston project on time, and bring their design to life.

Who: Rice Management Company, Gilbane Building Company, Shop Architects, James Corner Field Architects, Brochsteins
What: Metalworking, Outdoor Structures, Paint & Coatings, Woodworking
Where: The Ion | Houston, TX
How: Engineering, Fabrication, Installation


Working with government entities can bring an array of challenges when projects lie within the heart of the city. One challenge that is not always thought of: parking. 1001 Fannin is set in the heart of the city, and coordinating large amounts of material and workers in such a small area requires the highest quality communication, organization, and attention-to-detail. Our team helped with a variety of projects including two steel pavilions, security gates, planters, and a deck with sturdy structural support. The pavilion is uniquely shaped, with perfectly circular metal tubing rolled to create a rounded shape. After successfully assembling at the shop to ensure the pavilion met all specifications, we broke the structure apart, transported the materials into the tight space, and up to eight welders worked at a time to piece the structure together. Regardless of the space, or lack thereof, we used our deep knowledge of metalworking, project coordination, and safe installation to create a one-of-a-kind end result.

Who: Forney Construction, OJB Construction
What: Outdoor Structures, Metalworking, Gates, Decking
Where: 1001 Fannin | Houston, TX
How: Fabrication, Installation