Montrose Collective

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In the heart of Houston lies the bright and eclectic neighborhood of Montrose. With food, art, music and more, Montrose is a hometown favorite for all things entertainment and culture. A hub within the area, Montrose Collective is a mixed-use property that hosts a variety of boutiques, independent merchants, and local events that capture the diversity and energy of the community. 

The mission of Montrose Collective was to completely repurpose a strip center into a uniquely-designed gathering space encapsulating the culture and people of Montrose. We were introduced to the project to provide design assistance and structural engineering to create a metal screen scaling the parking garage, which acts as a privacy wall and is home to live plants and gives life and beauty to a structure that is often overlooked. From there, our team of creative craftsmen took the imagination of Michael Hsu, Harvey-Cleary, and the Office of James Burnett to create custom metal structures, furniture and lighting that worked seamlessly with the modern and sustainable design of the space. Custom-radiused ipe benches, planters, and custom lobby-light entry fixtures were thoughtfully designed and fabricated to work with the modern design of the surrounding architecture. A power-mounted, laser-cut metal directory was created to show information and maps using stunning metal with precision and skill. The end result showcased Radom Capital’s pride that they have for each product and property, and their superior leadership led to Montrose Collective receiving the 2023 ULI Development of Distinction Award!

While artistry is our passion, integrity is a value we always aim for. Each phase of the project was analyzed to ensure all safety measures were held to the highest standards. We are proud of the structural engineering, craftsmanship, and collaboration that worked together to bring the fabrication of imagination to one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Houston through our work at Montrose Collective

Who: Radom Capital, Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, Office of James Burnett, Harvey Cleary 

What: Metal Structures, Benches, Lighting, Planters, Garage Screen Walls

Where: Montrose | Houston, TX

How: Pre-Construction & Budgeting, Design Build, Design Consulting, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

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