Harvest Green

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Working with new collaborators is always exciting, but partnering with those we have rapport and long-standing tenure leads to an amazing creative dynamic. Our work at Harvest Green with SWA, Blue Grass Maintenence, and Johnson Development is a great example of this. Our team was brought in to assist with Pre-Construction Planning and Budgeting for a new park within the beautiful Harvest Green Neighborhood. Our collaborators’ imagination created the idea of a park that highlights the beauty and importance of agricultural and farming work, including furniture and structures that show different aspects of this industry. 

Circular corrugated planters with integrated Ipe bench toppers were custom-fit around the tree it circled. Planting conditions were taken into consideration to get maximum value out of the planters. This required configuring each detail to make the fit exact, as well as complete permits to use large cranes and heavy equipment to install each piece. Linear corten planter rings that matched the design of the surrounding pieces were added to house plant life for the park. 

An authentic silo was transformed into a pavilion with cutouts visualizing common farm animals and imagery. 

A replica of a center pivot irrigation system arches over the entrance to the park. Tires had to be filled with concrete to handle the weight of the structure. 

Lastly, a carrot art piece was fabricated out of precise plasma-cut metal. Due to its weight and the small base at the tap root of the carrot, the strongest welding possible was required to allow the structure to lean at an angle. 

Curved pieces are often the most difficult to fabricate, and almost the entirety of Harvest Green is curved. The years our team has spent perfecting corrugated planters, complex crane installation, and modern fabrication design equipped us with the skilled craftsmanship needed to fit these unique pieces together. Our collaborative partnership with SWA gave us the ability to jump in on the front end and engage throughout the entirety of the project. As a multi-phase project, we are continually working on pre-construction planning and consulting. We’re excited to see how this neighborhood grows! 

Who: SWA, Blue Grass Maintenence, Johnson Development

What: Furniture, Pavilions and Structures, Planters

Where: Richmond, TX

How: Pre-Construction Planning and Budgeting, Fabrication, Installation

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