When working with projects in an outdoor setting, it is very important to ensure all plant and animal life is protected and cared for. Our team was tasked with fabricating a bridge that would help park-goers cross over a stream that runs through John Fairey Garden. The result was an intricately designed and fabricated bridge, created in our shop then transported by crane to the park and carefully installed. The bridge features a visually stunning array of Ipe wood, stainless steel mesh railing and support beams curving and slanting in many directions to give an abstract design. Despite the large scale of the bridge, all exotic plant life, which had been imported from all over the world by the Garden, was carefully preserved due to the great care of our Installation team. The end result is a wonderful display of how nature and modern architecture can work together in stunning harmony.

Who: MetaLab Studio
What: Metalworking, Woodworking, Transportation
Where: Hempstead, TX
How: Fabrication, Installation


Shopping centers typically aren’t places where artistic architecture is found. But the Plano Shopping Center is one that stands out from the rest. We tapped into our niche skillset and creative design to plus up the shopping center, where we created a pavilion for shoppers to sit and relax. The project began as a rendering, and our team added creativity and details to turn it into a full design. The shades of the pavilion are the highlight, with flowing waves that create a relaxed, yet architecturally unique structure. While logistics and planning in another location provided challenges, our precision and care ensured that each detail was done correctly and installed safely.

Who: Lincoln Properties
What: Pavilion, Seating
Where: Plano, TX
How: Design-Build, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation


The Houston Country Club was first chartered in 1908, and is an integral part of the history of the city of Houston and its surrounding areas. While in the middle of some much-needed upgrades and renovations, the Country Club reached out to us in need of painted steel picket railing with bronze cap rails and handrails. Using our deep knowledge of metalworking, our team tackled the fabrication of these items, effectively bringing the project to completion.

Who: Harvey Builders, EDI International
What: Railings
Where: Houston Country Club | Houston, TX
How: Fabrication, Installation